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entrpreneur resources ENTREPRENEURSHIP TEST KEY resources for kids

Your score for Bouje's Entrepreneurship Test is easily calculated using the key below. For example, if you answered "A" for question 1, then give yourself 1 point, "B" - give yourself 4 points and "C" - give yourself 3 points.


1: A (1 pt), B (4pts), C (3pts)
2: A (2 pts), B (4 pts), C (1pt)
3: A (1 pt), B (2pts), C (1pt), D (4pts)
4: A (1 pt), B (2 pts), C (4pts)
5: A (2 pts), B (4 pts), C (1pt)
6: A (4 pts), B (3 pts), C (1pt)
7: A (1 pt), B (2 pts), C (4pts)
8: A (4 pts), B (3 pts), C (1pt)
9: A (4 pts), B (3 pts), C (1pt)
10: A (2 pts), B (4 pts), C (1pt)
11: A (4 pts), B (3 pts), C (1pt)
12: A (3 pts), B (3 pts), C (1pt), D(4 pts), E(2 pts)

Now add up all your points for questions 1 through 12 and use the score definitions below to see how you rate as a potential entrepreneur. Keep in mind that regardless of your score, if you have the will and determination to succeed, you will.

If you scored between 38 and 48, what are you waiting for? you should start that business plan!! You are a budding entrepreneur.
If you scored between 27 and 37, you have potential to become a great entrepreneur, but you need to commit yourself. You may want to improve on the areas where you have weaknesses. This can be accomplished by either asking others for help, researching, and reading.
If you scored between 16 and 26, you may need to explore if you want to be an entrepreneur. Be sure to look for a friend who will compliment you in the areas where you are weak and who will go into business with you.
If you scored below 15, you have your work cut out for you. But, with hard work and determination you can overcome your challenges and own your own business one day.


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